Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti

PAOLA LENTI was founded in 1994 in Meda, a town 30 km north of Milan (Italy) with a long tradition of handcrafted furniture production. Thanks to the use of high-tech fibers and contemporary design that balance practicality and beauty, functionality and aesthetics, Paola Lenti's furniture is a global benchmark for both exterior and interior.

The company's secret lies in a high-tech yarn, a result of a sophisticated research and development process: it is light , seawater resistant and anti-allergenic, it can be dyed in more than 350 colors, turned into fabrics or braided to make armchairs, chairs, sofas, rugs, poufs, and many more versatile objects offering a high level of personalization.

Paola Lenti works with essential forms, when shapes are refined, the attention is not distracted by embellishment and great attention is paid to every detail. The products are the result of modern technological processes combined with ancient traditional techniques that keep the warmth of the craftsmen's hands.


New Collections

Creativity and innovation, research and sustainability, uniqueness and craftsmanship. These are the elements that define the focus of the new Paola Lenti outdoor and indoor collections.

Cap Ventós

Traditional house located in the charming village of Santanyi, one of the most beautiful places in the southeast of Mallorca. The aim of this project was to preserve Mallorcan identity through a contemporary interior design that is both warm and welcoming.

The Son Paraiba Project

Located in Son Vida, the Son Paraiba project allowed us to transform a 900-square-meter private family home, designed by architecture firm Jorge Bibiloni, into a functional, elegant oasis. A palette of harmonic colors — beige, sand, grey — with hints of serene blues and greens, and natural materials like wood and stone, create a bright and light atmosphere throughout the estate.

Paseo Marítimo

Terraza Balear’s signature is large properties on dream locations, and we brought those grounding philosophies to this downtown apartment, creating a city loft oasis that overlooks the Cathedral of Palma.