Get inspired with our Luxurious Design Projects

Get inspired by our latest projects that harmoniously combine the Italian elegance and the mediterranean lifestyle

An exquisite selection of our top projects. From large residences in the Balearic Islands to apartments in downtown Palma to homes in international cities like London, our mission and concept stays the same: At Terraza Balear, we infuse the Mediterranean lifestyle into every home, bringing the outdoors in and incorporating Italian elegance throughout the entire space.

You’ll see color palettes of soft and muted earth tones, organic silhouettes and patterns, plus lots of natural textures. Furnishings are contemporary but elegant and fully functional, while the decor adds those organic touches. Statement light fixtures and lamps enhance the designs, while many other personalized touches allow each unique client to truly feel at home in their space. Each project looks slightly different, but the interiors speak directly to the souls of the homeowners, managing their emotions and putting them at ease.

Enjoy this glimpse into our world, where you as the client are at the center.