Super Yatcht Design Projects and Decor

Capturing the mesmerizing Essence of the Mediterranean Sea

When it comes to interior design of superyachts, owners want the same high quality finishing’s and fittings around them as they enjoy at home. 

The skillful team at Terraza Balear is known for their signature style, both unique and unrepeatable, as well as the passion that is implemented in each and every project; and nautical projects are no exception. We at Terraza Balear design timeless, luxurious, yet functional spaces that our clients can enjoy in maximum comfort. 

Each nautical interior is designed to reflect the authentic needs and wishes of our clients. By paying attention to the smallest details, selecting only the finest materials and top-quality furniture pieces.

Creating a unique concept for every project is our number one rule. Authenticity, harmony and elegance are key features that Terraza Balear is best known for. 


Tatiana V - Terraza Balear’s most recent Nautical Project

Gathering the Italian Elegance and Mediterranean Spirit in this 44-meter long Sophisticated Floating oasis

Modern, rich contemporary textures, super high-end finishes and sleek silhouettes are the main approach of Terraza Balear’s team, when designing this stunning super yacht. By always keeping in mind elegance, and sophistication, both the inner and outer spaces of Tatiana V are design meticulously, with a refined attention to details.

Thanks to our unique PMP (Project Management Platform), we at Terraza Balear are able to create authentic projects, select the finest nautical decor and assist in transforming any boat into a super yacht, no matter where in the world our clients are located. 

Terraza Balear creates stunning nautical interior design experiences, for all of those who wish to enjoy a vacation on their super yachts. There is no better way to relax and connect with the coast and deep blue water of the ocean, than onboard your beautifully designed boat.

Contact us and discover how our unique and recognizable stamp can add prestige,

exclusivity and value to your yacht project.