We are deeply privileged to represent an iconic German brand bulthaup in Mallorca. bulthaup sets the bar for excellence, impecable technology and design genius.

bulthaup gives us the freedom to realise our design ideas and dreams in a vital, intimate kitchen space. It takes kitchen architecture to a whole new level, dedicating its mastery, sensibility, vision, iconic design and know-how to create kitchens as unique as each person.

bulthaup Mallorca Terraza Balear

Carrer de la Pau, 6
07012 Palma de Mallorca

Monday to Friday 11am 7pm
Saturday by appointment

(+34) 971 726 119


The bulthaup experience

To get a real sense of how special the art of bulthaup is and experience its products for yourself, we are inviting you to visit the bulthaup flagship store, recently infused with a fresh spirit by Terraza Balear.

Kitchen architecture brought to perfection

For more than 70 years, bulthaup has been crafting unique systems tailored to enthusiasts and lovers of design and their individual needs in harmony with the architecture of the space. The combination of the art of engineering and aesthetics creates long-lasting products following their functionality and design, creating kitchen architecture that makes everyday life easier.


Individual service & competent consulting

Our helpful team of professionals will guide you through every project stage, from creating and designing the perfect concept to installation, ensuring that the result exceeds your expectations.

Sensory experiences to weave indelible memories

Kitchens offer a conversation. They are welcoming and comfortable spaces that encourage us to enjoy company and conversation, get together with friends and family, celebrate special occasions and daily rituals, unleash our creativity and create memories. bulthaup brings all its experience, sensuality, passion and continuous development to make these memories unforgettable.


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